Advanced Professional Logistics Network (APLN) is a Transportation and Logistic company. It is also a global network association for independent freight forwarders. The aim of APLN is to bring together all the small and medium size freight forwarders. We want to form the best international forwarder network. By doing so, we will be able to increase international business and market awareness as well.

With the help of APLN, we can now find out reliable agents for freight forwarding. This way can ensure quality service in markets throughout the world. APLN has a huge network around the world. Only the most trusted freight forwarders are members of the APLN team. By using the network of APLN, clients can make sure that they have reliable freight forwarders by their side.

If you are interested, you are welcome to join APLM. You need to submit the application form with all the details, including bank references. We will use this information for pre-screening. After reviewing all the applicants, only the best will be selected. Contact the office if you have any queries.