We form a network of the best small and medium-sized freight forwarders around the world. This ensures that our clients get a reliable service and don’t need to go to any other market as we have worldwide coverage. Whoever joins our network, get the benefit of reputation. We provide the following services to the member freight forwarders.

Security program


Each member of APLN has a security structure which provides insurance every member with the APLN Financial Guarantee Program. It protects members in case of non-payments from another member of APLN. The amount of security must not be more than $20,000.00. A portion of the annual fee is kept for funding this security program for the members. This safety program allows all members to work with each other without worrying about payment.



It is necessary to communicate with many members to reach the huge audience throughout the world, If you are a member, APLN can deliver your message to all the members of APLN just with one click of a button. You can easily send information like recent service revisions, changes in address, etc.

Cargo Insurance Program


Members of APLN can participate in APLN exclusive cargo insurance program. This will result in a lot of savings and also will protect your cargo from any unforeseen danger.

All World Shipping agents

As a member, you are entitled to apply as authorized agents of All World Shipping. It provides you access to the FMC-licensed ocean bill of lading and use of Automated Manifest System (AMS) for exporting to the U.S. You will get superior service contract rates.

ISO certification program


APLN can help its members to get the ISO certification comfortably. The ISO consultants can assist you with the whole process so that you receive the certification fast.

All these services are very helpful for the members of APLN. These services will help the members to get more clients.