3 Essential Tips On Finding A Reliable Transportation Company For Your Business

Business is a business. It’s what we always hear from the biggest corporation down to the small start-up companies. We all know that a transportation service is an essential part of the business. It’s how the products are shipped from one place to another. As an entrepreneur, it’s hard to find a transportation service that can be trusted. Keep in mind that the transport company will be the one to carry your goods. One fail transaction can cost millions of dollars depending on the shipment. It’s not easy to find a company that can be a competent partner for your business. Here are the three essential tips on how you can find a reliable transport company to take care of your products.

1. Search


You need to do research on which company to consider for the job. You can find information from the internet, colleagues, referrals, or advertisements. If there is any company that catches your interest, look it up on the web. Find their website and make an inquiry. It can save you a lot of time. Request for a quotation. Just be careful with the information that you’ll be leaving on the site. Send an inquiry on the particular website. Be cautious if the site is something that caters multi-quotation. If it is, you don’t want to leave personal information in there unless you want to get simultaneous phone calls and spam emails. Be specific on your inquiry to get a better estimate quotation from the company.

2. Don’t fall for the cheapest offer


If the price quoted by the transportation company is too low, that makes you think the deal is too good to be true, take a step back. It’s not something that you would want to indulge in a rush. Most companies that offer that kind of deal have a different motive. They will get you to sign the deal then they will look for a different carrier who will agree with the terms but typically they can’t get anyone to do the job. What will happen next is that you’re stuck with the contract you’ve signed and paid. Your goods won’t be moved, and it will stay there until they can get someone to do it.

3. Background Check


I would say that conducting a background check to the possible transport company you’re considering should be mandatory. You need to know the credibility and reputation of the firm that you would like to handle the shipping for the business. Simple research can get you a lot of information that are usually concealed by the company. Be thorough with your research because in the transportation industry, some firms will create a new name for the business if they have encountered several complaints. It will be helpful if you can ask around regarding the reputation of the company.

The three tips provided should serve as a guide so you will not fall into different traps that can be bad for the business.


4 signs that tell you it’s time to change your transportation company

Logistics is vital for your business. A company should be able to move materials and goods efficiently from one place to another. To do so, you need to find a good transportation company. These are the signs that tell you that your transportation company is not doing their work properly, and so it’s time to look for another transportation provider.
Deliveries are not on time; high incomplete delivery and damage rates

Even if your products are of the highest quality, you need to deliver these on time. Otherwise, it’s no use making the products with such efforts. The same is true when they are not delivered properly or has huge damage rates. If these conditions occur on a frequent basis, you know that it’s time to change your transportation provider.

Staffs are not reachable


You may need to contact the customer service department of the company or get in touch with anyone in the company for various information or queries. You may want to know the status of your goods, or the cost of transporting goods from a particular place to another, etc. Whatever the reason is, it is important that you can communicate with the transportation company without trouble. If this doesn’t happen, you know that you need to change the company.

Your business has expanded


Probably the current transport provider doesn’t have enough logistics available for your growing business. Or, maybe you have started to transport your goods in countries where this transport company doesn’t cover. In such case, you know it’s time to switch transportation company.

Cost goes up


If the transportation company increases its price without providing any extra value, then you can look around for other companies providing service at a cheaper rate.

These factors tell you that it’s time to change your transportation company. Your goods must reach on time and in good condition. The damage rate must be negligible. If you are not satisfied with the service of your transportation company, you should look for another one.