The 4 safest ways to transport supplements and medical pills

Transporting supplements and medical pills can be challenging. You need to be very careful and follow the regulations of transporting these substances.

Environment and temperature consideration


Many medicines can lose some of their potency if exposed to an extreme environmental condition. So, they must be handled the correct way. Heat, humidity, and moisture can affect the potency of medicine. Freezing temperature and direct sunlight can also create a problem. The research was carried out on an asthma medication. A group of researchers at the Medical Center in Phoenix conducted research on the packaging of asthma medicine Formoterol. It was found that temperature inside the package reached 158 degrees Fahrenheit and even higher when transported by airlines on mail packages. This made the medication clumped, and the capsules became distorted. A significant decline in the potency of the medicine occurred. A similar condition may occur if medications are exposed to extreme heat, like in car trunks or interiors. It is recommended to pack sensitive medications in dry ice.



When you pack prescription drugs or other medicines in a carry-on bag, you should keep certain things in mind. First, you need to make sure that the medications are in their original containers, the ones showing the medical benefits of nootropics for example.. You can take your medications by plane, but it must be checked by the security. It is recommended that you bring a note from your doctor stating why you need to take the medications. If you are traveling outside the country, then you should check the regulations regarding medication transport and usage of that country. You should place different medicines in the same container. This increases the possibility of error when taking medicines.

Make a list along with description


You should make a complete list of your medicines and include the generic and brand name as well. You should mention why you need to take it and in what dose. You should add important phone numbers, like your doctor’s number. You should mention any allergies or medical conditions you may have that needs special attention. This list will save you from strict security checks at the airport. Also, people can help you if you fall sick during the journey.

Airport securing screening


You can carry unlimited solid form of medication, like pills, with you when you travel. You can keep these pills in any bottle, or bag. But you need to remove the pills at the airport security checkpoint. This way it is clear that you are not carrying any illegal pills. When you are taking health supplements, vitamins or non-prescription medications with you, the security at the airport might stop you from taking too many pills. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), travelers from other countries flying to the U.S. can carry non-prescription pill for personal use only.

Before transporting any supplements or medical pills, you should check the storage information written on the label of the medicine. You can ask pharmacy or wholesaler to know more information about storing and transporting supplements and medicine pills. You should check whether the medicine must be refrigerated. You should use insulated containers during transit. After you arrive at your destination, you should have safe storage ready for storing the medicines. You should keep in mind that too much freezing or extreme heat can impact the effectiveness of the medicine. If you pack your carry-on luggage incorrectly and carry medicine in it, then delays can result in reducing the effectiveness of the medicine. You should take enough refills of your medicines so that it lasts till you come back.

You should also note down both the brand name and the generic name of the medication. In case you need to buy medicine from another country, you might not get the medicine of the same brand. If you know the generic name, you will be able to buy the same medicine. Every airline has a different regulation regarding carrying medicine on the flight. You should check out their website and find about the rules and regulations.

If you don’t need the medications on the flight, it is also a good idea to mail it before you leave. When mailing, you should make sure that you are packing the medicine in the right way. There are many websites where you will be able to find the storage and transportation guide for medicines. Have a look at those sites and learn how to pack and transport medicines the right way and to preserve all the values in it.